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constructing communities cultivating change

Image by Benjamin Suter
Sunrise in Chicago



At AR2 Homes, we believe in the power of community as the foundation of thriving neighborhoods. As a dedicated minority-owned firm, we're transforming Chicagoland through affordable housing and equitable commercial development. Regenerative urban renewal without displacement and gentrification.

Join us in creating a State where everyone belongs. A place where innovation meets affordability, and every family has a place to call home.


Understanding the complexities of fostering a state as dynamic and diverse as Illinois, we reject conventional extractive economic practices, choosing instead to collaboratively develop communities rooted in democracy, opportunity, and representation.

More than just builders, we are visionaries dedicated to contributing to a future where diversity, resiliency and shared prosperity are foundational, not aspirational. Our best-in-class structures are purposefully designed to enhance community connectivity, environmental suitability, and mutual prosperity, elevating the quality of life for residents while honoring deep cultural diversity and heritage.

As visionaries, we're committed to a future that is as vibrant as it is diverse. Every space we create is developed with the same level of care and dedication as if it were 'our home, too.'


At AR2 Homes, our commitment to community transformation and empowerment is embodied in two pioneering initiatives: the Legacy360Alliance and Homes For Heroes. Each program is designed with the vision of creating more inclusive, equitable, and supportive environments for those who call Chicagoland home.



The Legacy360Alliance stands at the forefront of our community development efforts, targeting the eradication of poverty through sustainable home ownership. Recognizing the challenges faced by first-time buyers and individuals historically marginalized and excluded from the housing market, this initiative forges accessible pathways to ownership. By assisting those reliant on systemic support mechanisms, Legacy360Alliance aims to convert temporary aid into permanent, empowering solutions, thereby fostering independence, stability, and equity in Chicago.

Homes For Heroes

Our Homes For Heroes program is for those who serve our State with unwavering commitment. Aimed at veterans, teachers, and public servants, this innovative housing solution leverages underutilized community assets to provide affordable, high-quality homes. Recognizing the sacrifices made by these community members, Homes For Heroes seeks to offer a foundation of stability and appreciation, ensuring that their service is honored with the dignity and recognition they deserve.

Through these programs, AR2 Homes not only constructs buildings but also builds hope and opportunity for a brighter, more inclusive future.



Our team and partnerships are a blend of passionate individuals and organizations that share a common goal: to make a lasting difference. As an intersectional entity, we bring a unique perspective to community development—a perspective shaped by personal experiences, commitment to values, and vision for transformative change that transcends borders and backgrounds.


We invite you, whether you're a resident, investor, or fellow dreamer, to partner with us.

Together, we can write the next chapter of Illinois' growth story, where every citizen feels valued, every neighborhood shines, and where the skyline not only reflects architectural marvels but is a reflection of the dignity and respect our diverse communities deserve.

Decorative Concrete Structure

our managing


Ri Prasad

With a distinguished background as a former marketing executive, real estate investor, and developer, Ri stands at the forefront of innovative solutions to complex fair housing development challenges. She passionately combats exploitive practices in the real estate industry.


As a head of the commercial division of Option Realty Group, Ri serves as the 2024 vice-chair and 2025 chair of The 77, the Chicago Association of Realtors Representative Leadership Diversity Committee for fair housing as a solution to economic development. Further, she serves as a member of the CAR’s Sustainability Workgroup for Green Construction and Building Efficiency. 


Ri’s prominence includes service on various boards and organizations including the Chicago Tool Library, Co-op.Partners, REJUVaNATION Equity Development Cooperative, PAWS Chicago, CPR Rescue, and advocacy for climate and animal rights.


Ri’s transformational work spans nearly every neighborhood in Chicago. As a bi-national, bi-cultural immigrant, Ri views her work with AR2 Homes with national long-term implications. 


Our team and partnerships are a blend of passionate individuals and businesses that share a common goal: to make a lasting difference. As an intersectional entity, we bring a unique perspective to community development—a perspective shaped by personal experiences, commitment to values, and transformative aspirations.

Roux Nolan


As a community developer and equal rights activist, Roux specializes in trauma informed strategies for underinvested and underrepresented communities. He is the Principal of Co-op.Partners, a social impact firm working to develop democratized systems in business and civics centered on Organizational Development, Community Resilience,  Representation in the Arts, and the development of Solidarity Generative Artificial Intelligence.


As an equal rights activist, Roux works to bring resources to gender, sexual, and racial minority communities. He was the initial president of Chicago’s Food Cooperative and other food sovereignty projects. Roux serves on The Board of PrideArts, REJUVaNATION, and The Becton International Black Theater and Arts Consortium. Roux is an instructor at the CoopEdCenter, the Lawndale Christian Development Corporation, and serves on Community Wealth Building Committees around the City of Chicago.

As as a member of the LGBT and Philippine American Chambers of Commerce, Roux has been the recipient of the, One Person Can Make A Difference Award, Up and Coming Award for Scholarship, and the Cecilia Fandel Award for Community and Economic Development.

As a dual-citizen and first generation American,  Roux sees his work with AR2 as economically and socio-politically transformational.

Your Partnership

Groundbreaking endeavors are best realized through collective expertise and shared vision. Our mission to redefine affordable housing in the United States is expansive, and to that end, we believe in fostering collaborations that amplify our impact.


We envision partnering with organizations that are equally passionate about urban development and social impact. In this space, we aim to highlight our esteemed partners, celebrating their contributions, expertise, and shared commitment to making lasting change in communities.


By joining forces with AR2, your organization will not only be contributing to a trailblazing project but will also be at the forefront of setting a new standard in affordable housing. Together, let's craft a narrative that stands as a testament to innovative collaborations with transformative results.


Interested in being featured and collaborating with AR2 on this visionary endeavor? Reach out to us to discuss how we can jointly shape the future with, Affordability Reimagined.

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